How to style your coffee table (in 5 easy steps)


Stylists have a knack of grabbing what is available and arranging it in a way that looks perfect, without being too perfect and its all because of these 5 simple rules;

  1.  Vary your heights
  2.  Use odd numbers
  3.  Contrast colour
  4. Add an item from nature
  5. Contain smaller items

And using these 5 simple things;

  1. Books; add a pile or add just one, books convey your interest, they provide the ability to add height or simply open the book to a page with a beautiful image or text that inspires you.
  2. A trivet or a tray offer you the ability to contain smaller items, they also act as a protective surface for drinks
  3. Something live; Plants, flowers or a simple cutting.  If your plant is too big for your table simply pop it under or beside it so as you still get the effect of the greenery in the vignette
  4. Vessels; use an array of sizes, shapes or textures, they could be empty or contain your plants or treasures.
  5. Candles; if you want to create coziness with a simple candle will convey hygge, just like that!

Though my photos are in my signature colours of black, white and grey you can use the same rules and add colour if you prefer.

how to style a coffee table

how to style a coffee table


how to style a coffee table

how to style a coffee table

how to style a coffee table

Placing two similar coffee tables together works well in a larger space, just remember not to over crowd them with objects; use the rules and items above for both tables as if it were one.

And finally, sometimes it is okay to leave your coffee table bare.  The Fontana or Ghost tables’ invisibility makes it unique, especially when placed on a beautiful rug or with a lovely cushion pile or pouffe underneath.  Coffee tables that have a patina are also best left minimal in their dressing.

Take a look over here for more in the Styling 101 series.

Styling and Photography by My Little House

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