Christmas Wish List


A Christmas Wish List?  We all have one, right?  Well, no, maybe not!

While we are busy juggling everything to do with Christmas, suddenly were asked by our nearest and dearest, yes asked; “What would you like for Christmas?”  “Well, um, let me see… I cant think of anything right now… because I am too busy thinking of what everyone else wants!”

Well this year I am getting it in print so when someone asks “What would you like for Christmas?”  I can direct them HERE!

Christmas Wish List

So, I will walk you through it…

You all know I’m a plant junkie this Zakkia Brass Watering Can will help me keep those babies alive and well over Summer.

Candles are always burning at Christmas so these Candlewick Trimmer Scissors are a necessity.

Tea is the new coffee, and over Christmas some spicy herbal blends will be brewing so where better to brew than this Menu Glass Tea Pot

I know its a replica, but this Black Planter Bowl is looking pretty good!

Cushions are a girls best friend and right now this Navy Velvet Roundie has a special place in my heart, actually I quite like the grey too!

A Brass Muddler Spoon, because who doesn’t need one of those, right?  Honestly, I don’t even know what that is, but I have a feeling its something to do with cocktails and when better to use it than Christmas!

Last, but very not least, because I am lost without a list, this George and Willy Daily Roller would be my new best friend!

This list is compiled with My Little House in mind but if you like it too feel free to direct your loved ones here.


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