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I love a flat empty surface, it gets my fingers itching to add some beautiful items and with so many requests to help with ideas for coffee table styling I thought it was time I shared a few secrets with you…

Lets start with the table itself; now Ive had quite a few coffee tables in my time but I have to say I think Ive found my all time favourite… why?  Because its so simple, so slim and so square that it is just peerrrrfffffeeeccct for styling which is my favourite thing to do!

Here are my latest creations; which is your favourite the black or the white?


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via MLH


Staples for your coffee table;

  • A book pile; books provide you with a flat low visual point, they convey your interests and the covers are very beautiful to look at, they allow you to add a colour and of course they are there to look through, we rarely read these books in their entirety but they are full of beautiful images… and lets face it an IPAD on your coffee table just wouldn’t be the same would it?!
  • A trivet or tray; these are useful for holding smaller items or as a protected surface for your actual coffee.
  • Vessels; use an array of sizes, shapes and textures, they may be empty or they could be the holder of plants, flowers, candles, or even little treasures such as a glass vessel filled with retro buttons.
  • Flowers or plants; you always need something live, even a simple cutting will do.
  • Something you especially love or that interests you, don’t hide precious things away, enjoy them.
  • Remember the height rule; make sure there are varied heights on your coffee table.
  • Sometimes its okay to leave your coffee table bare, I quite enjoy the glass Ghost style table where its invisiblity makes it unique, especially when placed on a gorgeous rug and perhaps a morroccon pouf under it!  Coffee tables that have a patina, such as the Drum style, are also sometimes best left minimal in their dressing.
  • See here for some more styling tips and ideas
  • Here are my favourite coffee and side tables, all great value for money and all perfect for your treasures!

OB-Coffee table

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