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With winter approaching we add extra layers to keep warm and cozy, your home should be no different; it should be a like a treasure trove, starting with the basics then layering with items to achieve a harmonious finish.  A floor needs a rug, a sofa needs cushions and throws, a wall needs pictures and a surface needs accessories.  It is usually agreed in styling that you are ‘finished’ not when you can’t add any more but when you cant take anything more away.

Vignettes are groups of items, these could be small items like those on your coffee table or larger items like a chair, a side table and lamp.  Each little vignette gives the eye something delicious to feast on and helps create that overall feeling of contentment you get in a harmonious space.  The best thing about a vignette is that you can change it as often as you like.

Here are some tips and some gorgeous pics to help you style vignettes in your little house…

Start with a clean slate; clear everything away and start with an anchor piece (that special piece that you want to be the focus).


The print is the anchor that combines this trio. via luxoliving

Unless trying to create a symmetrical space use odd numbers.

Stylizimo Blog | Design Voice | Page 4

Three striped vases complete this vignette of seven. via inunomimi

Use different sizes; small + medium + big (think Goldilocks and the three bears) = Just Right!


via April and May

Vary textures; hard to smooth to rough to soft.


From the plants stringiness to the balls shininess to the tables smoothness. Via weekdaycarnival

Group items according to a commonality; a colour or texture or shape.

Homes to Inspire | Natural Beauty

The vases differ in size and texture but remain common in colour. Via Hittahem

Use the odd one out rule.

Christian Duivenvoorden

Five wooden hands and one porcelain. Via w4objektdata

Contain smaller items using a tray, a mirror, or a board.

Post by Ollie & Sebs Haus

The tray captures the candle; its too small to join the other items alone. Via Ollieandsebshaus

Expect the unexpected; add something playful to a group  of formal items.

photo 2 (3)

Noone expects to see the little white bunny under the cloche. Via MLH

photo (37)

The element of surprise is intensified when an unusual piece sits amongst items with a commonality. Via MLH

Use a theme/invoke a feeling; by adding an item the vignette takes on new meaning

photo (33)

The scissors next to the cut bloom invoke feelings beyond the vignette itself to the garden from where it must have been picked. Via MLH

Items don’t need to be expensive; look at what you have and what nature can provide.

Inspiring Homes: Sara Medina Lind | Nordic Days

A single green leaf looks stunning against the glass of the vase and window and the white of the magazines. Via Nordic Days

So I challenge you to have a play and let me know how you get on… be warned you will get so engrossed a couple of hours will whizz by but if you are still struggling to get it right let me help.

See here for some more gorgeous vignettes.

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