Subtle Concrete

What does concrete conjure up in your mind?  For me I think ‘hard’, ‘raw’, ‘graffiti’ and they’re probably not images you want associated with your little house; but concrete has an inherent beauty it may be all those things but it also brings a unique texture to your home when softened by fabrics, sheepskin, wool and soft edges of furniture and accessories; it provides a point of difference and after all ‘hard’ is just another texture, ‘raw’ takes you back to basics, and ‘graffiti’ is an art.  Here are some of my recent purchases; check out where they are from and how they look in my little house…

OB-Concrete raw


The dear wee concrete bowl makes a big statement on my coffee table


The concrete diamond is a subtle link to the Rosenvinge art above the bed and the geometric shapes of the accompanying vases.


My latest addition, the beautiful concrete stool, creates a smooth contrast to a room full of texture and blends perfectly with the monochrome colour scheme

So what do you think?  Will a wee bit of concrete make its way into your little house?

Enjoy your weekend x


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