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So we all desire a Muuto Dot hook right?  What’s not to want?  Right up there with the big boys its a super popular choice for adding a little texture and glamour to your walls.  Right up there in price too: so I’ve found you a little cheat, okay so its not as glam but it does look really funky and there is way more to this little hook than a jacket or umbrella.  Take a little look below…


Use to display bunting or garlands


Use to add a colour; your accent colours can change easily and cheaply when you use accessories.


Gorgeous to have your necklaces on display, reminds you to wear them too!

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Hold a plug in pendant. Super versatile – you can locate one wherever you have a power point handy.


Use as an accent colour


Use in a small bathroom for an alternative towel hook

Or simply cluster a group of five to a pattern of your choice.

Use in Kids rooms clustered with their fronts painted in the accent colours of the  room.

If you are using these as a display, bunting, jewellry or even a pendant then Command Poster Strips will hold them in place.  For hanging anything heavier they come with a mounting unit, screws and plugs.

Convinced?  Not yet?  Well… they are priced at just $12, $14 and $16… convinced now?  Then click here to buy these little beauties and below for some more cool hook options.

Happy shopping x


Twenty21, Design Beat, Let Liv, Green with Envy, Bauhaus

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