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When you love a certain style sometimes you get a little carried away with trying to duplicate it and while this may be all well and good sometimes it leaves your home feeling like a just a house and not only that it will be house that doesn’t necessarily stand the test of time.

Everyone appears to be following the Block NZ with great vigour at the moment with Alex and Corban seeming to lead the way, however I prefer the subtle and unique styling and design of some of Jo and Damo’s spaces.  Don’t get me wrong I think Alex and Corban are producing some fantastic work that is the latest trend but Jo has the ability to create something from nothing.  Her style is imminently Scandi yet she brings in other elements which make the overall effect warmer and special.  Her use of texture through components such as timber and accessories tend to make her perfectly styled rooms look liveable… which is important because we all need to do just that in our little houses… LIVE!

Their Block home is very cohesive, there is room to divert and add your own touches but the rooms are linked by the commonality of timber based fittings, warm rather than stark whites, floaty curtaining, quirky accessories and natural foliage.  Its still modern but homely too and sometimes that is difficult to achieve.

Okay so now for some vintage integration; here are some beautiful images of homes that do just that so well

Using old frames as a decorative item rather than a purposeful one is a powerful visual pull.  I have quite a few propped around my little house.


Via A Merry Mishap

There is no denying that this space is Scandinavian inspired, the string shelving is a big give away however there are oddities in the room that make it unique to the persons living there and it wouldn’t have cost a fortune!


Via My Scandinavian Home

Love this vintage cabinet painted in mustard, use colour to show your personality.


Via Coco Lapine Design

Breaking away from the norm by using this period china cabinet in the bedroom is a first Ive seen and I think it looks amazing!


Via A Merry Mishap

Another quirky bedside table.  The wood warms the monochrome space and links beautifully with the texture of the storage items.


Via Feng shui trend

I bought this copper light a couple of years back from a store in Australia.  When I hung it people thought I was insane – very 80’s… but with all the copper I see these days I guess I wasn’t that crazy!


via My Little House

The Nespresso machine with its Scandinavian china sits happily in its otherwise vintage surroundings. 


Via My Attic

This home is full of vintage finds that the owners would have spent time searching out and cleaning up, the garland of modern colourful lights liven it up and give a fun and modern touch.


via sfgirlbybay

The unique old chest warms up this cool space. 


Via Bloglovin

A modern kitchen with aged bentwood chairs.


via My Scandinavian Home

A collection of vessels both modern and aged connect nicely with the anglepoise lamp.


via MyAttic

String lighting is making a big appearance at the moment.  Wrapped around this vintage ladder these two vintage style elements are in perfect harmony.


Via Alexs Closet

Take a look at Flux Boutique.  They mix Vintage, Industrial and Scandinavian extremely well.

So my advice; don’t throw out things that don’t appear to be on vogue if you loved them once chances are you are going to miss them when the trends change.  A few special pieces will transform your house into a home.  This is what I mean by letting your house tell a story – just let it be your story and not someone elses x

“A home should always feel like a portrait of the person who lives there”
Georgio Armani (Italian Fashion Designer)



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