How to do Monochrome


If you saw my home is the latest Homestyle Magazine you will see that I am a monochrome girl, right down to the books on my bookshelf!

Monochrome is traditionally used to describe black, white and shades of grey, however its true meaning is actually varying shades of one colour – any colour.

Some people describe it as a trend though I refer to it as a style and it can look as relaxed or as classic as you like.

So grab your mag and take a trip through my little monochrome house…

Accents of gold allow you to give a base warmth without losing your style.  Copper has been on trend of late though its a trend I don’t expect to continue and become timeless… much like it was in the ’70s… its time is limited.


Mix old with new, doing this gives your home warmth and tells a story of who you are.


Mix up surfaces; shiny or matte, soft or hard; varying surfaces give depth and interest to your space.


Layer textures; rugs, baskets, sheepies, cushions, throws and fabrics


Add wood; wood has a bad rap of late but added in the right way it can take the cool edge off your palette.  Use it on your floors, exposed beams or furniture.


Add plants; plants add form and life as well as a punch of green.


And there you have it.  Monochrome doesn’t have to be boring, or clinical.  Monochrome can be interesting and warm.  Well I think so!

Read more about the perfect white here and here and if you are really committed to black and white, how about a checkerboard floor?

Photography and Styling by My Little House.  Interior Design by Crush.

Images 1 and 3 shot by Larnie Nicolson for Homestyle Magazine

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