How to style your entrance


First impressions count!  Your entrance needs to draw you in, it needs to be a clear point of which visitors will gravitate toward with no hesitation.  It can say a lot about the dweller, for example homes with a brightly painted front door will indicate a fun and vivacious person inside, quaint entrances with artifacts located around it will indicate a collector dwells within.  Entrances with little adornment creates a vision of an busy and organised dweller perhaps that are not often home.

Inside, the entry needs to allow a moment to pause, stow keys, bags, jackets and the like.  It needs to be clear where to go next.  It needs to contain a level of interest and a level of warmth.  You want your guests to feel comfortable the moment they arrive.

I’ve given my mine a recent makeover, utilising plant life, my French dropside table and my new Tivoli Radio.  It may seem an odd place for a radio but it works well with our homes lay-out.

Before you start review your entry space.  Open your front door from the outside then stop and take a mental picture…

howtostyleyourentry4Right now you’ve got an idea of where to start, decide on furniture, if its not wide enough for a table use a bench seat instead.  Hooks give a space for hanging jackets or scarves and a mirror visually increases size.  The paper bag is our recycling area for paper… junk mail finds a home the second I get in the door!


Anchor the space turning it into a room of its own by using statement pieces of art and a rug.

howtostyleyourentry5Create a table-scape that says something about you, I’ve chosen a quirky piece of art that makes me smile, as an anchor for the vintage table.

howtostyleyourentry6A couple of design books, and my new Tivoli radio; its position allows me to turn it on when I arrive home and off when I leave.  As our house is open plan and Tivoli has great sound it works well in this position.  I love plants and so a little collection to greet me as I return home makes me happy.

howtostyleyourentry8Adding a tray to group some of the smaller plants allows the vignette to be viewed in segments.  Each small grouping; the books and radio; the tray and its contents.  The bigger plant and the smallest can be appreciated for themselves without confusing the eye.

howtostyleyourentry1The art gives the tablescape a backdrop and being in type it allows both the plants and the print to be appreciated.  This print has a story, I will share it with you later.

howtostyleyourentry7Each plant has a different texture, height and shade of green.  This gives extra visual interest however the monochromatic pots give the vignette a common link.



Don’t forget to view your space from the reverse when you’ve finished, it allows you to add or subtract any items that may or may not fit.  The bright wreath on my front door hangs on the outside in summer and the inside in winter.  The bright colours are a point of difference, its a little confusion in the orderly black and white theme and it always make people smile.

And the story about the print?  I saw it on Pinterest a few years back and tracked it back to Etsy.  It took months to arrive and I had almost forgotten about it.  I framed it and put it against a black wall in my kitchen.  My husband got quite excited by it, I didn’t really understand why… (I mean his nickname is ‘he who likes to save money’ so any new purchase isn’t really a cause for him to smile).  Much later I found out that he misread it, lets just say there is a difference between adventuRER and adventuROUS!

Read more here and here about how to create the perfect vignette.

Photography and Styling by My Little House.  Interior Design by Crush.

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