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I’ve been blogging a little lately, off the track of interiors into the world of life, simply because I sometimes feel so overwhelmed with everything that I need to just take a breath and a step back to appreciate things as they are.  This doesn’t mean I am stopping my interior dreams and aspirations for my little house (which I must add seems to always be a WIP) certainly not, but sometimes I think I would rather pay more to have less.

So, after searching New Zealand for the last year and a half for a Daybed I have decided to give up the fight and import one, it is modest; uncomplicated and unpretentious, yet I know that I will still appreciate its design and quality in years to come.

The OGK Safari Daybed was named for its Danish designer Ole Gjerløv-Khudsen in 1962.  His reasoning for the bed was clear and honest; he was taking his son on a camping trip and needed something comfortable, yet easily transportable.  A Simple Scandinavian Design piece; useful and beautiful.  There are no screws or tools involved as the legs are tightened by a sisal rope and wooden holding bar, (bliss, I hear my husband mutter, bolts and screws of late have driven him to drink, literally, but that’s a whole other story).

Yes, there were other contenders but the shipping of most would have been a small fortune and so I opted, as Ole Gjerløv-Khudsen did way back then, for something that was easy to transport; getting it here was quite affordable when I considered the value the overall piece would have to me.

So as I rid myself of a (beautiful but not right for the space) sofa, to a lovely young girl starting out in a little house of her own, I contemplate the empty space before the bed arrives and wonder how this simple design piece will alter my life as I mentioned earlier.  Well; its lightweight which means, I can easily lift this piece to the deck area where I can relax in the sun; its make up is such that the area where it sits will have the feeling of being uncluttered, light and relaxing, and its low to the ground giving the space a different feel, that of perhaps being more childlike and carefree.

The Contenders



Daybed trend

Menu Daybed



But, the winner was,

OGK Daybed

OGK Safari Daybed

And here it is at My Little House

Safari OGK Daybed

OGK Safari Daybed

OGK Safari Daybed

OGK Safari Daybed

I have high hopes for this Simple Scandinavian Design piece, and I wonder would Ole Gjerløv-Khudsen be proud that his little camp bed has made its way to NZ to begin a life with such high expectations or perhaps he may feel a little overwhelmed, just as I have become by this world of stuff, which we somehow squeeze our lives in between.  I say this as I am part way through a pool installation, an entryway makeover and plans for a new staircase and I wonder why I think I could blame anyone but myself for feeling just a little overwhelmed!

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