What does your home say about you?

I talk often about filling your home with the things you love and letting it tell a story; your story.  When I enter a home I get a feeling instantly for the person/s that live there.  Vibrant personalities love colour and pattern, calm personalities love monochrome palettes, artistic personalities have many layers to their home with quirky additions through rugs, art or light choices.  It’s easy to spot a leader through their homes organisation; a settled couple who stay home fill their home with books and accessories whilst a couple who rarely stay home opt for a minimal look.  Your passions fill your home; a music lover will have instruments or perhaps a sound system integrated throughout, nature lovers will gravitate towards wooden furniture and decorative features, foodies have a kitchen to inspire or at least a kitchen aid mixer sitting on their bench and a full pantry and fridge.  Keen gardeners have potted plants and flowers on every surface.  There is no right or wrong it’s all about the execution, whoever you are make sure your home is filled with the things you love, you might need some help to style it and voila your home will be exactly how you want to live.

Take this fun quiz and find out about what your home says about you…

Love this kitchen

A cooks kitchen!

Cool, calm and collected

Calm and minimal for a work-busy lifestyle

Angus & Celeste Jelly planter $89 - Perch Home

A hunter and gatherer (aka Collector) lives here

from homeinspirationdesign love the string shelving

An inspired reader

Ladder and lights

An artistic personality interested in design and fashion

House Nerd

A music lover


A Leader/organiser

A ‘homebody’ lives here

Josie Curran and Barnaby Girling home.  Colors, colors, colors, yet it doesn't feel heavy.

A vibrant energy

All images via Pinterest with thanks!

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