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Often I see new homes built with only recessed down lights throughout, whilst these are a great choice for background lighting I think how limited the dweller will be and how little of their personality will be reflected in their home.  The selection today for lighting is amazing and surprisingly cost effective.  Changing a light fitting in your home can give an instant and relatively inexpensive makeover.

In my little house we have fairly limited ambient lighting; I have had to layer my lighting and while it may take us a bit longer to get to bed after switching off many switches – and sometimes getting there only to find a glimmer of light still emitting from the depths of the living area; I wouldn’t change a thing.  Lots of sources of light make for many special vignettes which make for a unique and special home.

Click my here to view these and more lighting ideas.

Milo and Mitzy est 2011: April 2014

Geometrics are on trend right now, as is string lighting (in the background). Absolutely on my wishlist!

basket light

Beautiful symmetry with a casual look via these basket lights; the texture works perfectly with the rest of the kitchen. Love the mint accent colour too!

Interior Styling | Dining Table Lighting

Gorgeous diamond pendant lights with silver lampholders

Indie Home Collective introduces Ay Illuminate

These Ay Illuminate shades are amazing in a home with high ceilings. Light and floaty they create a feeling of weightlessness.

ikea bracket plus lamp - like it

Get busy with the cords; wrap them around brackets such as this or even beams, there is a great selection of cords colours and patterns so show them off! These pendants are plug in rather than wired so are easily adaptable in different spaces.

Nordic ★

Another cool idea grouping pendants and exposed selection of cords.


Another Diamond bulb with a gold lampholder; hooked and hanging low it provides a form of task lighting as well as a decorative feature


Love this; especially in a childs space!

Milo and Mitzy est 2011: April 2014

I have wanted one of these Jielde lamps forever!


Clamp Lamps | inspiration from @Charlotte Willner + (oh so simple)

Extra kitchen task lighting

Black, white and cosy in Stockholm

Handy reading light via this clamp lamp

Clamp Lamps | Inspiration from @sfgirlbybay / victoria smith / victoria smith

Picture highlighter via clamp lamp

My new vintage/industrial scissor wall lamp

Amazing example of a great vintage find; a French scissor lamp.


This is an amazing take on a quirky chandelier. The strings can be ordered individually.

  • A home should have three sources of light; Ambient (background), Accent (highlighting) and Task (directional).  For example a living room should have overhead pendants and/or downlights, and at least two lamps, by placing the lamps in the corners of your room you can visually enlarge the space.
  • Source floor lamps from TradeMe, there are some great vintage finds out there.
  • Use dimmers in areas where you have bright over head down lights
  • Clamp lamps are great, bolt them to an architrave or piece of furniture and they will give you a cheap and mobile source of task lighting.
  • If your lighting appears too cool and bright swap to a warmer bulb or a lower wattage
  • Using lamps rather than wall lights in the bedroom give you a greater ability to play around with your interior when you swap bedding
  • Use your imagination… that basket could easily become a light shade – those beads could thread on the cable – couldn’t they?!

I can source many of these lights shown. x

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