Love this Look

A lot of what I get asked for help with is creating something eye-tingling beautiful on a budget.

And yes it is achievable – but you need to know where to start.

So, find the images that inspire you and work around them.

You wont find the exact item you want but you can come pretty darn close.

Watch and learn…

Not long ago I was presented with this image…


There were a few more stipulations; “Show off some plants, combined with natural wood, along with the muted grey palette and make sure there is lots of texture”.

It was a fairly quick moodboard and an even quicker bit of on-line shopping and within a couple of weeks the living space was transformed!

OB-Love the Look

Just remember to add your own bits and bobs to make it unique to you; the picture ledge can hold prints, old cards, books and knick knacks you love, and cushions will add that colour and texture that will make the space your own.

Mirror from The Warehouse, Print from Society 6, Picture Ledge from Akia, Lamp from Lighting Plus, Sofa, Rug and Tables from Freedom

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