Five things your little house needs

Homes can sometimes feel a little empty or a little off.  Nothing is actually wrong but there may be just one item missing from your collection of treasures that would give that harmonious feel you crave.


Yes, Yes, Yes, there is very little else one needs in life if they have a collection of good cushions!  Colour-happy or texture-savvy?  Cushions can deliver!  You can read all about my obsession with these little clouds of heaven here.


Source of this is unknown but I totally love it!


Rugs have ultimate power in an interior – they have the ability to make your space appear bigger… yes BIGGER!  Filling that dead space with a little floor deco can only enhance what you already have.  There are a lot of rules around size and yes ulimatley your rug should embrace the entire space you are trying to collate.  Rugs can be expensive so just go as big as you can, if you can only afford one that fits under your coffee table it will help to ground it, but it wont unify all the space to create one happy family.


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Illuminate.  Too often now homes are built with an abundance of lights, lots and lots of circles covering your ceiling like measles!  Yes you are right; I am not fond of the over use of down lights, so turn them off and add some lamps, tall, short, straight or curved.   Read a little more about how to light your little house here

butterfly chair

Source unknown but totally loved and admired!


Walls need your love and your love can come in many shapes and sizes, textures and colours.  Art is not universal, and no art is bad it is simply a matter of taste.  Read more about how to love your walls here and if you want to make a statement take a peek at this and here is my latest obsession and just between you and me a My Little House project involving these little beauties is coming soon!

apartment therapy


Yes really you need a pouffe!  No, not the hair-do Marie Antoinette made famous, heaven forbid!  But one of those gorgeous wee floor cushions that are like the icing on the cake that wee bit of texture and oomph your little house would love!  One or many, stacked or styled I say bring it on.  They remind me of a giant marshmellow and really who doesn’t love a marshmellow!

nesting place

And there you have it; simple, straightforward and achievable.  Let me know how you get on. x

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