My new Crush

I think I’ve fallen in love… again.  I am constantly crushing on something, hence why I called the design side of my business Crush; new or old it doesn’t matter, its just a feeling evoked by things that, to me. are beautiful.

And so my JuJu Hat, I’ve wanted one for such a long time and finally here it is.

These hats are not new in fact they have been around a very long time;  for hundreds of years the Bamileke tribes have been creating these head dresses for their tribal chiefs, royal families and dignitaries to wear during ceremonies.  Nowadays they also adorn walls of beautiful homes, hotels and restaurants around the world.

They are  wonderfully textural and something like this will dampen down the new and shiny and promote warmth and interest.  I don’t love colour especially but this little beauty is black though there is a burgundy tinge to the feathers in certain lights.  If you do love colour however, rest assured you can buy one of these in almost any shade you like.

Photography and Styling by My Little House.

juju5 juju22


I am pretty sure I could love it anywhere in my little house x

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