Outdoors is the new Indoors


There is no denying the trend of outdoor rooms.  I used to wonder why – I mean you are either in or out aren’t you?

Well I guess that’s a question for Mother Nature because in Summer its far too hot, Autumn, well its just too windy, Winter, way too cold and Spring, well Spring might just allow a few outdoor festivities, though its way too unpredictable to plan ahead!

I remember when an umbrella was as good as you were going to get, this led to shade sails for ultimate large space protection, then extending roof lines was able to give you year round protection but at my little house we have settled on electric louvres so I can still maximise that gorgeous natural light and adjust according to the weather with a flick of the switch.

I love my chunky macrocarpa pergola and would hate to see it replaced with an aluminium one and so a compromise, half and half.  The saddest thing was saying goodbye to the clematis I have been nurturing for the last 2 years to climb and weave; its end goal a little shade; well I guess we just got too impatient and so here we are… goodbye green and hello white.  Instant gratification I guess one would say!






Nearly there…




outsidein11 outsidein12


And done!

I managed to save some of that Clematis; the interior hasn’t lost any precious light; the white louvres link with the interior shutters while the black frame ties in with the exterior and sitting under them you feel a sense of wellness and oneness with both the in and outdoors.

We had some LED lights set into the centre beam, so a glass of pinot (gris for me, noir for him) while sitting under them was very well received last night as he who likes to save money’ contemplated how much money he hasn’t saved year to date!  Yes they are fairly pricey but I would say money very well spent.

Louvres by Locarno, Macrocarpa Frame by Custom Decks and Fences, Photography and Styling by My Little House

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