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One of my very first blog posts was on interior plants.

I called it the next big thing – a challenge to join me on this resurgence of an old trend; a little nostalgia for those of you who remember the 80’s.

Now a couple of years on and I don’t want to say I told you so but the humble plant is very much the current big thing!

Not only have actual plants made a come-back now I am seeing more and more ‘fake’ plants finding their way into homes as well as many a print of plants or their leaves.

That’s all very well of course but do remember that the real thing is actually good for you; they cleanse the indoor air and it has been said that by simply putting a plant on your desk you will be more productive and less fatigued; if that is the case I say PUT A PLANT OR 2 ON YOUR DESK!

Plants work well in my little house, I find the green gives me an accent that works well for my monochrome palette as well as providing unique and varied textures, they also allow you to provide scale to a cluster of objects in a vignette.

And of course I love the baskets, bags and ceramics available to contain them!

Lets take a look at my favourites;

All photography and styling by mylittlehouse unless otherwise specified Deliciosa – a compact busy plant that needs space to spread out.  Cut leaves are beautiful in a vase and last for weeks. Rubber Tree, its very easy to grow and tends to grow upwards rather than outwards if you need to fill a narrow spot. Rubber Tree can be purchased quite small and the deep green red tinged leaves are a point of difference.

Fiddle Leaf Fig – temperamental but beautiful, funnily enough I have found they quite like the bathroom, but don’t water, the moisture seems to be enough second Fiddle Leaf is doing very well on  a bedside with lots of light but not direct sun.\

Succulents – tend to be happy in most spots as long as there is enough light.

Another wee succulent – perfect for small places and that accent of lime green. love Philodendrons they trail beautifully with glorious heart shaped leaves but beware they dislike heat pumps.


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A Philodendron and a Monstera Deliciosa, two beauties in one spot.

Snake Plant or Mother in laws tongue… almost indestructible, mine is positioned in a low light area and seems perfectly happy.


Kentia Palms, a little tropical with fronds that make a striking contrast and BTW the number 1 plant used by Interior Designers Chamaedorea is happy in a low light area.


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No one can kill an Ivy – even with weed killer!

A Chain of hearts is just gorgeous and just continues to grow downwards with lots of silvery heart-shaped leaves.

So my tips for healthy plants…

Water little but regularly;

Keep away from heat pumps;

Feed occasionally;

 oh and dust the leaves – I know, its a little OCD but it helps the plant to absorb the light it needs to grow as well as look gorgeous. x

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  • Sushma

    Just want to check which is the best indoor plant to keep in bathroom where we do not get any sunlight.i will be thankful to suggest me some indoor plant with less care.

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