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I often talk about vignettes; a term usually reserved in the written world for a short description, a portrayal or a summary, think of a scene in a book described as such so as you can visualise it, and so in transferring that to the wonderful world of interiors think of it as a cluster of items that tell a story, just as the written vignette would.

Your vignette could be a small cluster of objects on a shelf or table or it could be a spot in your home where you want to set a scene.

In creating these vignettes of course there are lots of design rules around scale and proportion, as well as number, texture and tone but first think about the scene you are about to set.

I wanted my vignette to say “sit, be cosy and read awhile” and from there the scene takes place.

The scale of the ladder needed to be proportionate to the wall that it rests against.  Too large a wall would not be accepting of the size of the ladder.

The ladder is fine and therefore the chair that sits aside it needs to be lightweight.

Objects are usually grouped in ‘size’ and so the ladder, chair and plant provide me with the right variations and by using three I am meeting the ‘odd number’ rule of vignettes.

The textures are contrasting, the wood, the leather, the basket weave and the plant.

In order to anchor or ground both the chair and the ladder the plant provides the perfect weight.

And now its time to set the tone; find a commonality in the objects you choose to hang and then simply follow the same rules: scale and proportion, the number, the variation of sizes and textures.

My scene is set;

“sit” – the chair

“be cosy” – the blanket

“read” – the magazines.

And voila enter the leading lady… me… to sit, be cosy and read awhile on this lazy Sunday afternoon



Your vignette is versatile; its not set in stone; it can move about your little house and the objects can flux or change depending on your mood or the seasons. x

Read more about vignettes here.

Photography and Styling by My Little House, ladder from Letliv, basket from Bodie and Fou (though Design Beat have a few in stock), chair from Freedom, Blanket from Pia Wallen, ladder stained in Resene Pitch Black


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