Replicas gone mad


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I am sorry ‘Living & Co’ but I think Hans Wegner would be turning in his grave!

You’ve done the Ghost Chair by Kartell, you’ve done the DSW by Eames and now The Wishbone by one of my most favourite designers Hans Wegner, (because if you didn’t know I do have a thing about chairs),  a Danish born designer who won several design prizes and his work is present in multiple international collections including MOMA in New York and the Die Neue Sammlung in Munich.

Although I agree that everyone should have access to beautiful things why do we have to copy those that already are?  Whats next?  The Peacock Chair?  Please No!  How about creating some new icons that will be built to last and revered by those after us just as we covet these?  Keep them from being added to the landfill and initiating higher levels of consumerism.  Let us wait and buy things that we will love forever rather than just for now.  Surely they wont seem so expensive if we don’t need to replace them every couple of years.

Wishbonecopy photo 2

 The Replica


The original Wishbone Chair by Hans Wegner

These are just my thoughts.  I know that people buy up these replicas in super quick time and I understand why, as they are beautiful designs but I do think many are unaware of the implications that the lack of quality will have in years to come.  So if you can take a look here at the original.

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