The Christmas Table

Every year Christmas at My Little House involves a new table setting.  The family arrive and the first thing they do is check out the theme, this involves a name place that they may take home as a memento of the evening.  This year I didn’t host the event, but my sister did a wonderful job keeping up the tradition.  Of course I couldn’t let a year go by without decorating my own Christmas table so on boxing day we had a little Christmas dinner of our own…

Here is a peek at the past few years table displays…

2014 Geometric Glamour


Gold Geo Shapes from Mod Cloth, Sand Timers from Freedom Furniture


Gingerbread men from Eurobake (they are part of the desert; Ginger Panacotta with Candied oranges and Gingerbread men!)



Mini Christmas Trees from The Warehouse, Napkin holders from Father Rabbit


A bit of brown paper and twine transforms the Christmas Trees


Candle holders from Freedom Furniture


Name tags made with Stamp set


Of course Christmas needs Champange, and what better than Taittinger!

2013 Woodland Wonder

2013-12-23 22.13.45

Blackboard deer and rabbits from Spotlight, Wooden boards from Palmers

2013-12-23 22.15.12

Tin planters from Romantique

2013-12-23 22.16.07

Deer heads from Palmers Planet

2013-12-23 22.13.56

Rabbit skins from Lapco, Deer Antlers from Trade Me, Potted Rosemary from Palmers Planet

2013-12-23 16.17.26

Rabbit and Deer Snow Globes from Perch Homewares

2012 Vintage Vogue


Vintage Decanters used for water from Trade Me, Vintage style vase from Palmers Planet, Christmas Lillies from New World


Vintage mirrors from Trade me, Green and clear votives from Palmers Planet


Ceramic Magnetic Scrabble Tiles from Verde


Featuring a blackboard menu keeps the guests happy

2012 French Faire


Mini Bottle vases from Father Rabbit, Letters (painted) from Spotlight, Cupcake Cases from Living and Giving


Red Roses from Tango Florist


Glass desert bowls from New World, Ivy from Palmers, Holly garlands on cutlery from Spotlight

Tips to make that table rock…

Choose a theme, it can be anything from a flower to a colour to a sea or land inspired collection.

Take the time to think about place names; my favourite was the little blackboard deer and rabbits in 2013 and don’t be fooled they were super cheap.  You can personalise them on the reverse with the year.

Think about seating young children at a separate table and preferably feed them earlier than you

Be quirky, give guests something to do, like the snow globes from my 2013 table or sand timers from this years.

Always include something live like flowers or plants.

Feature a menu whether on the table or on a blackboard.

Choose a special drink for the evening, we had spiced rum cocktails with the Woodland theme in 2013 and they were divine!

Start with what you have, in 2012 I wanted to use my vintage mirrors on the table so it just took off from there.

Lay your table a day or two in advance because you will always find more to add than what you had originally planned.

Featuring a sweet treat is always a hit.

So thats it for another year, I hope you had a fabuous day full of family, good food and vin!  See you 2015!

Photography and Styling by My Little House

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