Beside the Bed

‘He who likes to save money’ got a little surprise when he ducked out to do a spot of Christmas shopping this weekend.  Returning with his sale bargains he found a distinct change of scenery next to his pillow!

From this…


 To this…


Print from Nynne Rosenvinge, Plant; rescued and pruned from its too hot-spot in the dining room, Tray; from Ezy Buy, Watch; from Paper Plane, Specs; from Spec Savers (ha – where else!), After Shave; from Farmers, Clock; from Let Liv and Book; from Whitcoulls.


Since men need function in their lives the addition of items on the tray look cool but are also part of morning and evening routines.


The only thing I had to actually buy was the clock as all the other items were gathered from around the house.


Now it fits in a lot better with my side, don’t you think?!


 Over Christmas the wall behind is being painted in Resene Bokora Grey, I will give you a peek when its done!

He loved it, but yes he did want to know how much it cost and it was a pleasure to say $39.95 – the cost of the clock!

Here are a few tips to create some bedside harmony in your little house…

Use a Tray to contain smaller items, I have a small marble one on my side to place my days jewellery into.

Use varying heights; see here for more info.

Always have a book or two handy… yup even John Key can be cool!

Candles make a great addition.

Use something live whether a plant, flowers or cuttings.

If you don’t have wall or ceiling hung bedside lights use lamps, there are some beautiful cheapies out there.

Its better if your clock doesn’t glow in the dark, if you wake in the night checking the time is not helpful for returning to sleep.  One that doesn’t tick is also pretty important!

Photography and Styling by My Little House

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