I’m blue da-ba-dee…

The Blue song by Eiffel certainly  sums up this blog…

Blue is the most popular colour in the world!  Why?  It’s gender neutral, invokes feelings of peace and tranquillity.  People who love blue are genuine and sincere, sentimental and even tempered.  Blue lovers will usually have a house full of treasures from the past.  The perfect collectors!

Blue is fresh, natural and relaxed; I guess that’s why we all love our denim jeans right?  All this aside you don’t see a lot of blue used in interiors today, below are a few suggestions to help you bring a little calm into your little house…

This wee blue and white cottage is delightful.  Only in Denmark would you find such a treat!


Via My Scandinavian Home

This bright blue rug pulls your eye to the floor, if you don’t want to make such a bold statement add another few accessories with hints of blue, such as cushions and vessels.


Via Domino

Blue can create a moody atmosphere just perfect for the bedroom.  Navy is trending this coming season.


Via Citta Design

You don’t expect to see a lot of blue and white china these days unless in a country themed interior, however this collection of plates is more like modern and funky artwork.


Via Small Acorns

A more scandi inspired space uses pale blues and greys with a whole lot of texture thrown in.  This mix of chunky knits along with a couple of vintage style items is restful to the eye.


Via Pinterest

Even though we may love a colour it doesn’t mean we want to be assaulted with it.  This footstool allows for a peek of colour without overpowering the room.  Purchase fabric and cover an old stool for a look unique to you.


Via Pinterest

This looks like a spot in Greece or France, but a blue door will work anywhere as long as your house colour permits – see more below on colour coordination.


Via Pinterest

This baby blue looks just right in this vintage kitchen.  Baby blue is a colour that wont offend anyone though it really needs the right spot to look the part – a modern kitchen wouldn’t accept this shade very easily.

blue kitchen

Via Pinterest

I collected these vintage bottles years ago.  They always make an appearance in spring to hold some blooms from my garden.  Blue teamed with gold is a winner.


Via My Little House


I love this room, the neutral background is a warm white and allows the cobalt blue to sit appropriately without appearing stark.  The little piece of nature subtly picks up the blue.  I cant wait till the hydrangeas are in bloom again.


Via My Scandinavian Home

This is the perfect example of the old saying Blue and green must not be seen unless theres something in between.  This interior appears to have more green though the accessories make it difficult to assume what the dominant colour is.


Via Pinterest

Think beyond blue.  There is Navy, Turquoise, Sapphire, Cerulean, Aqua, Teal, Cobalt, Denim and Indigo… This sofa makes a wonderful impact in this neutral living space.  Freedom has something similar if you’re looking…


via Pinterest

And while you have all those blues on your mind, mix  a couple of them up in one space…


Via The Block au

Dress them up or down…. there is always room for another pair of jeans in my wardrobe!

(but don’t tell ‘he who likes to save money’ that)


Via Pinterest

Heres a tip…When you choose a shade of blue use the colour wheel to determine what colour works best with it.  I love shades of blue teamed with shades of yellow.  The exact shades will be more apparent when you put them together.  Use a resene colour wheel to get a better understanding of what colour interacts best with its partner.

PS; I’m a blue colour personality are you?

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