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There is something about some interiors which just make you feel like that’s where you would like to be; we are all different and so must our interiors reflect our differences.  Once you discover what your style is it makes dressing your little house so much easier and leaving your home that much harder.

I recently spoke to a young couple who had just bought their first home and though they were in raptures about it it seemed they were in love with the fact they now had their own home as it soon became clear they wanted to change every single space to reflect their personality!

Here are some of the more popular styles; which one sets your heart-a-racing?

Scandinavian interiors are about light, they are painted white and warmed by adding layers.  There is usually no curtaining as the weather is regarded as art; after all what could be more beautiful than a sunset, a snowy night or even rain against your window glass?  Floors are bare and often painted, then layered with rugs, shelves display their contents and art features on walls.  There are usually quirky aspects with a mid century feel and there is a strong mix of old and new with colour added through accessories.  These interiors are becoming more popular throughout the world however they are often mimicked in a modern and monochrome way without the addition of personal items that makes Scandi interiors unique to the dweller.


Shabby Chic or French Country is generally a mix of distressed timber and florals. Paint is usually chippy and warm toned.  Spaces can be feminine and once again there are many layers to creating a space, an abundance of china, fabric and baskets will adorn surfaces along with jugs of fresh flowers.  Pink and green feature regularly and the smell of lavender prevails.


Contemporary is a modern and minimalist look, generally the function is first and foremost and little adornment is added.  The finishes are usually square and symmetrical. Less is regarded as more and spaces are open and generally white, beige and black.  They can be cold unless clever use is made of materials and light, they are also starkly beautiful in their symmetry.


Rustic interiors promote pioneer feelings; simple and organic could be used to describe this style.  Think rural Italy, stables and barns;  wood flooring is a must as well as open beams, plaster, wood or brick walls, basic furniture and open fire places with bare mantels.  there is generally a patina in every room, nothing is shiny and new!  Repurposing is the key to creating a genuine rustic feel.


Industrial spaces are generally open and pared back.  Once again repurposing features strongly.  Think metal and wood, concrete and rust.  Think open ceilings, exposed pipework, large wall street art and bare windows.  Grey is usually the dominant colour, though bold accessories can feature a splash of colour.  There is often a quirky undertone to industrial settings like below; such as floral arrangements against bare marble.


Eclectic is usually the hardest look to pull off as you are throwing the rule book out the window and adding just what you fancy, a bit of this and that, they generally feature an array of colour and pattern.  To be able to create a harmonious finish amongst the chaos you need to be aware of general design principals of size and proportion, light, colour, pattern and texture and focal features.  Generally this is a look you will need help with.


Traditional is just that… predictable.  Nicely symmetrical; usually pairs of accessories are on display.  Beige and creams with a touch of wedgewood blue or green.  Surfaces are soft, edges are round and generally just a little fussy.  Placement of furniture is circular around a feature such as a coffee table with a pendant or chandelier falling gracefully in the middle.  These homes are calm and safe.


Asian interiors are pared back but not industrial, think off whites and espresso browns, think pebbles, bonsai, orchids, bamboo, screens and water.  these homes are interesting and texturally busy but invoke feelings of calm.


Country style homes are similar to shabby chic but with an English influence rather than French.  They are filled with china, art, quotes, baskets, books and quilts.  They bring with them images of freshly baked scones with jugs of cream and little dishes of jam.  Yellowy cream features heavily with blue and white china in open shelving.  Their popularity has waned somewhat over time but they still strike a chord of familiarity with most of us.


Beach style is reminiscent of our summer holidays and bach living.  Those of us who live Coastal often adopt the homes view as its point of difference.  Beach themed homes are light and bright.  Wood painted white, voile curtaining that floats in the breeze.  Window seats, linen bedding, cotton rugs, stripes and accents of blue all invoke that sandy, summer feeling.


 Now you know what style sets your heart-a-racing go forth and decorate!

MLH Style File

Keep a Pinterest file of the things you love the most, for the little more tactile of us a file of actual images, colour charts, fabric samples is also a good idea.

Favourite or bookmark things on your desktop or ipad so you can find things when you are ready for them.

Make a list for each space you want to decorate, it will help you prioritise your purchases.

Decide on your colour scheme and paint first, add accessories after.

You don’t have to achieve a finished space; if you want an art wall in your living room start with framing and displaying three then add over time; the way you would collect things, the same goes for cushions; see here for more info on collecting.

and most importantly work out what things you have that you love and want to keep, this will be the basis of your space.

All Images via Pinterest


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