Where do I come from?


Its a simple question with a few answers.  I was born in Wales, my parents are from the United Kingdom, I live in New Zealand, but really, where do I come from?

It is something that intrigues me, the family tree.  We don’t really have one, my knowledge extends only as far back as my Grandparents.  So where to start?  I don’t really have the time to research.

So the interested, but lazy approach would be a simple DNA test, and so I took the interested and lazy plunge.

I ordered my test kit online and within 10 days I had the kit in my hot little hands.  The instructions were simple and the whole test took only a few minutes.

ancestory dnaThe next step was dropping the completed test in the mail.  Postage is pre-paid.  Then I waited.  I received notification within a few days that my test had been received and was about to be tested.

Empty Nest

Eventually the results were in.  Not surprising my ethnicity estimate was 100% European,  though I did expect it to be more than 49% Great Britain.

ancestry dna

So, quite a fun exercise.  I would love to have my husband tested, he is a little more of a mystery, he never knew his Grandparents and his family have been in NZ for as long as they know about, but with a surname like French there would surely have to be a  Western European connection.

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