Where do I come from?


Its a simple question with a few answers.  I was born in Wales, my parents are from the United Kingdom, I live in New Zealand, but really, where do I come from?

It is something that intrigues me, the family tree.  We don’t really have one and my knowledge extends only as far back as my Grandparents.  So where to start?  I don’t really have the time to research and apply my results in creating a family tree.

So the interested, but lazy approach would be a simple DNA test, and so I took the interested and lazy plunge.

I ordered my test kit online and within 10 days I had the kit in my hot little hands.  The instructions were simple and the whole test took only a few minutes.

ancestory dnaThe next step was dropping the completed test in the mail.  Postage is pre-paid.  Then I waited.  I received notification within a few days that my test had been received and was about to be tested.

Empty Nest

Eventually the results were in.  Not surprising my ethnicity estimate was 100% European,  though I did expect it to be more than 49% Great Britain.

ancestry dna

So, quite a fun exercise.  I would love to have my husband tested, he is a little more of a mystery, he never knew his Grandparents and his family have been in NZ for as long as they know about, but with a surname like French there would surely have to be a  Western European connection.

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