How to Spring Clean your home


Its getting close, you can smell it in the air, warmer weather is just around the corner!  I can tell its close at my little house due to the layer of yellow pollen I just dusted off my dining table.

It got me thinking, that layer of yellow dust, its time for a Spring Clean.   Spring-Clean, why just Spring, what about Autumn, Winter and Summer?  Well its like coming out of hibernation, we all have a little ‘spring’ in our step.  Its exciting, fresh, new!

And so to clean.  Where to start, what to do, and how to keep it clean.

Divide up your spaces – thinking about your house as a whole will put you off.  You may choose to do all the bedrooms and bathrooms one day and the living and kitchen spaces the next, or you may divide up your home into levels.  Whatever you choose stick to the plan you make.

how to spring clean your home

Get your cleaning supplies ready – a little caddy with everything you need makes for less to-ing and fro-ing.  Bring a bucket for dropping in the dirty cloths as you go.  I use a mix of natural and chemical based products, its your choice, we usually all have our favourite for certain tasks; I won’t use anything but Jiff in my showers, but prefer a natural based spray for the kitchen surfaces and bathroom vanities.

how to spring clean your home

Allow a day or two – set aside a quiet day where you are unlikely to get any interruptions, its better if the sun is shining.  Cleaning your home can be immensely satisfying, your senses will recognise the change on every level.

how to spring clean your home


Strip the bed right to the mattress, put the sheets, duvet cover and the mattress protector onto wash.

Hang Duvet Inners and blankets on the line to air.

Dust all surfaces including pictures on the wall and skirting boards.

Vacuum the mattress and give it a good spritz with Lavender.

Spray and vacuum the windows.  Using a Window Vacuum makes this such a simple task.

Vacuum the floor and run along the edges.

Leave windows open to air the space.

TIP Use baskets to keep clutter hidden away therefore reducing dusting time

How to spring clean your bedroom


Tackle the showers first using an abrasive cleaner and a scrubbing brush if necessary.  With discoloured grout you can use a small amount of a white bleach based toilet cleaner with a toothbrush. You can use the jiff on the glass with a good microfibre cloth.  Hose off the showers and dry the glass off with a Window Vac.

Sinks are usually less grubby, use a spray cleaner and a microfibre cloth and dry off including the tapware with another cloth.  Clean and dry your towel rail in the same manner.

Spray and vacuum the mirrors and the windows.

Clean Toilets with a cleaner of your choice and a brush.  Use a separate cloth or disposable wipe to wipe over the whole toilet.

Using your spray and microfibre cloth wipe over the floor.  Cleaning this way helps you to get right to the edges and behind toilets and freestanding baths.

Drop  your cloth in your bucket.  Use a fresh cloth for each bathroom.

TIP Use a bodywash instead of traditional soap in the shower, it halves cleaning time.

How to spring clean

Living Rooms and Halls

Dust all surfaces and objects including art and skirtings.

Pull your large sofa squabs off and vacuum.  Pull off your cushion covers if necessary and put to wash.

Vacuum under sofas, chairs and coffee tables and right to the edges of your flooring and rugs.

Wipe down lamps and light fittings using a microfibre cloth.

Clean and vacum windows and leave them open to air the room.

If your carpets require an extra cleaning try using baking soda

TIP There are some great choices for plants that help to clean the air.

How to spring clean your home


Empty your refrigerater and wipe out using a cleaner of your choice.

Open drawers and cupboards and vacuum all loose particles.  You can wet wipe them out also if you choose.

Spray and wipe all surfaces and cupboards and dry off to avoid smears.  Dont forget the top of your cupboards.

Clean and dry sinks and taps.

Wash floors, once again you may wish to do this with a cloth and spray to get right into the edges and your base boards.

Your oven is best left for another day as it can require a fair amount of elbow grease and time.

TIP A plug in oil burner can be left on with Lemon Tea Tree oil, this helps deodorise and clear the air of lingering cooking smells

How to spring clean your home


Don’t forget outside the front door… get rid of cobwebs and vacuum up all dust and dirt.

Wash down the door inside and out with a light detergent and warm water.

Clean windows and dry off with a window vac

Make sure you add a great front door mat

Inside, clean as per your living spaces and spritz any rugs with a good dose of Lavender Spray

Offer a basket for guests shoes to be stowed.  Make your home shoe free, you can offer a pair of knitted slippers at the door such as in Scandinavian countries if you are concerned about your guests comfort.

TIP Ensure there is a good space for stowing keys and the like, this stops clutter and makes cleaning easier.

How to spring clean your home

How to spring clean your home

And there you  have it.  Its not as daunting if you keep your home clean from week to week. Cleaning is only a chore when you leave it for weeks on end.  Remember you can protect your paint, your bench tops, your sinks and carpet from aging by simply having a regular weekly cleaning cycle.  Your home is your castle, treat it as such and it will do you well for a long time!

How to spring clean your home

This is a sponsored post by Santosa.  A beautiful, natural, NZ made surface cleaner made with non- toxic ingredients including some gorgeous essential oils .  I know, I’ve tried it!

Photography and Styling by My Little House

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