Window Seat Love

Perhaps its the sunshine we have been having of late, or maybe its my perpetual need to change things in my little house, whatever the reason, right now I am loving window seats!

A place to sit awhile and read or just think could be just the ticket.  Truth is I am trying to relax a little more; something we all need to do… even just a few minutes a day in a comfy spot with some deep breathing is extremely healing.

You may think adding a window seat will incur building a bay extension, however you can create this space with a little thought and creativity in any window of your home.  All you need to do is have your handyman build a box seat in front of a window, it can extend beyond the window  or just capture the size of the window itself.  You need a depth of around 600mm to be comfortable.  You can add storage into your seats either visibly with open shelving underneath or concealed with top of front opening cupboards or drawers.  If this is still all too much find an old pew; layer it up with squabs, cushions and throws and situate it under a window… this allows you to move it around at your whim.

Could you imagine yourself on one of these?

A peek of greenery growing beyond the window ledge calls me to go and have a look at what else is growing out there.


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Lighting provides a versatile space for a night or day reading nook

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Gorgeous textures invite you in


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This purpose built space is a welcome retreat for young or old


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Plenty of space to stretch out or share your spot with someone.  The window ledge provides an area to place your cup and book.


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This window seat in the kitchen can double as extra shelving or dining seating by pulling up a table.


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Being able to open the windows is great for getting fresh air and the beautiful scents from your garden while you relax


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This space doubles as an area to put on shoes, but looks comfy enough to snuggle up for a wee while.


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Capture a view from your elevated window.


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Bedrooms are a popular choice for a window seat if you have a busy household.  This one makes a feature of beautiful stained glass windows.


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This window seat provides an extension of space to this dining room


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If only for a few quiet minutes a day I think it would be worth it! x

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