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On my Colour Wheel journey so far I’ve covered Black and White, Green, Blue and Yellow.  So, maybe a little red to spice up your life?

I’m not sure I can promise anything but red is the colour of energy and action, passion and desire, though I have to admit unless its Christmas the only time red features in my little house is in my wine glass!  Its a dominant colour and too much of it can cause us to become irritated or angry and be warned; if you are watching your weight red can be your downfall as it stimulates our appetites.

However, added in small doses to your little house, red can prove to be a great distraction and promote positive feelings and yes, even spice up your, (ahem), love life!

I am not sure of the wisdom of a red fridge giving that it can cause us to overeat but I love the statement this colourful Smeg fridge creates in this white kitchen.


via thatnordicfeeling

Again the wisdom of using red in a nursery is a debatable point given its stimulating qualities, however this touch of red in a grey based room could be a good balance.  It certainly makes a statement.

red cdn.shopify

via cdn.shopify

This Ikea cabinet in a rich gloss red is stunning against its neutral backdrop.  When adding a piece of red furniture the collections adorning it need to be minimal and complimentary.

red apt therapy

via apartmenttherapy

Okay I’m going out on a limb here, but this little touch of red is really stylish and just enough to cause those red emotions to stir


via myscandinavianhome

Red works extremely well in a French themed interior, it also looks at home with an industrial space or industrial furniture such as these tolix chairs.

red hollymathisinteriors

via hollymathisinteriors

I adore this apple print, it invokes feelings of the simplicity of your childhood and the red and white patterned rug creates and great visual link.

red pinterest

via pinterest

Red and green are opposites on the colour wheel, therefore are naturally vibrant.  To create the best effect make sure one of these colours dominates the other.  Yellow and blue are also colours that work well with red..

red viapinterest

via pinterest

A little splash of red in your textiles can offer a hint of the positive red attributes without causing our senses to go into overdriveI do love the hint of pink in the stool; a combination of the white and red.

red somewhatvintage

via somewhatvintage

Seeing as its nearly time to unbox those Christmas decos I cant resist this gorgeous image!  Do places like this truly exist?  Please take me there… NOW!


via homebunch


So here is my advice, if you love red add it in small doses.  Avoid dining rooms and kitchens; unless you don’t mind gaining a few pounds.  Don’t mistake red as the colour of love, pink is the true colour of love and lastly. use red alongside, green, yellow, gold, blue and of course neutrals.

Though I find the images appealing I cannot help but associate red with Christmas so I think that’s where it will stay in my little house, oh and of course in my wine glass!

PS.  If you love red you radiate energy, are ambitious and respected, you love to explore and your optimistic nature usually means you are the centre of attention.  Gosh, I think we all need a red-personality around us?! x


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