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With the Block NZ nearing an end you may take a look around your little house and wonder why you cant achieve such perfection in as many a weeks.

Well here is a stylist secret; you cannot make a home in that time.  A home is a collection of things you love and cherish, each has its own story of how you acquired it and what it means to you.  The Block homes are being created to sell, once sold the new owners will begin to fill them with their treasures and only then do they become a home.  Trends come and go and with each trend there may be something you acquire and add to your collection of treasures thus becoming part of your ever evolving place you live.  A home is never finished it is a work in progress… just ask ‘he who likes to save money!’

So some tips and tricks for you…

Its easy to follow trends, its a lot harder to take things you love and make them work in your space, so start with the basics and build on those.  This space is eclectic and not everyone will love it but it works harmoniously and is obviously a collection of treasures that has been built on over time.


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Only buy things you love.  Pineapples are on trend at the moment but be careful not to over-do it.  I love this white pineapple jar-it makes me smile and it sits happily amongst more traditional items, its become a part of my space but as an addition to my existing treasures.


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Create a space for special things.  These jugs and cups look lovely hanging as it creates a new dimension.


via 79 ideas

Think outside the square – things always have more than one purpose.  You don’t have to have a party for garlands and lights. 


via apartment therapy

Always layer textures.  Texture adds depth and appeals to our senses.  You can create different looks depending on the textures you choose; this space uses wood, linen and fur combined with an industrial steel lamp.  This setting instantly transports you to thoughts of a rustic log cabin in the woods.



If you don’t love colour don’t use it, your home needs to be where you feel at ease.  If you do love colour choose your base colour then work your accent colour/s from there.  This shot combines neutrals with pastels with primary colours in an exciting way, it also allows you to revert to a monochrome palette with little expense or time.



Invest in a few designer pieces.  An Eames rocker will fit any décor, layer it up with sheepies or a throw and don’t be fooled by appearances – they are really comfy.


via lolitasayso.blogspot

Repurpose beautiful items.  Scissor lamps were originally designed in the 1930’s and you can see how function was foremost…  a lamp that can fold back out of the way when you are not using it – genious!  They are revered as a collectible now and this one looks perfect with this side table as ts mid-century  partner.



Use soft furnishings to add comfort and warmth.  Pile on the cushions, throws and rugs, your space will instantly feel cozy and homely.

brazillian homes

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Invest in good quality furniture and build from there.  A neutral sofa, table and chair will allow you to add elements you love without giving way to a chaotic and disorganised feeling.


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Creating harmony in an interior can be difficult if you are not trained to do so.  When you employ a designer make sure they listen to you and use the elements that you love.  Anything can work if you know how to display it.

See here for more ideas on displaying items you love, here for sofa styling tips and here for a few more tips for making your house a home.

Then settle back and fingers crossed for your favourite team at auction x

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