Styling 101 | The Living Room


Most of us are blessed with more than one living space.  This space usually incorporates the Kitchen and Dining area, a sofa or two are usually placed somewhere in the configuration and it makes for easy living.

I don’t recommend a Television in this space but most people add one so they can watch the news or such as they work in the kitchen.  My reasoning is clear; this space is about the family communing to eat, to talk, to share.  Add in a TV and you’ve lost the ‘family time’, which, snatched in between all our busy lives is getting oh-so-precious!

Before we added our lounge room this was our only living space and so we squeezed a TV on the wall.  It wasn’t an ideal or comfortable spot and sometimes when I’d switch it off I would realise exactly how stressful that ‘3rd person’ can be.  The TV is gone and the art prints are in its place, the plugs remain, they are somewhat useful for phone charging but I usually edit them out of photos!  There is also another wee seating nook under the stairs.  I’ve tried to keep it separate from the other space by using a slightly different style sofa and its own rug, but I’ve kept the grey and white palette to provide a link.

Styling 101 | Living Room

Create a warmth with subtle and task lighting

Interior Design | Monochrome Interior

Provide continuity with your chosen colour palette.

Styling 101 | Living Room

Use art as a focal point instead of a TV and use a sofa that you can configure to suit your space

Styling 101 | Living Room

Create more than one seating option using cozy nooks

Styling 101 | Living Room

Cushions can be mixed and matched and a coffee table can double as extra seating

  • Leave the TV out of this space, initially it takes a wee bit of getting used to but you wouldn’t go back.
  • Try and have some furniture facing the kitchen, it means you can converse with family or guests while you prepare and cook.
  • Breakfast bars often negate our need for dining tables.  If you can make a rule – Breakfast at the Bar | Dinner at the Table.
  • On that note make sure there is at least two nights a week when you eat together.  Often work or study hours make this difficult but don’t let not eating together become the norm.
  • Make sure the sofa you choose suits the needs of your family and the shape, size of the room.  There are alot of modular options now which makes this choice a little easier.  Drape a throw over one end to add some texture and add cushions , most people struggle with choosing cushions so the easiest option is three cushions; two at one end and one on the other, mix in patterns, stripes and solids, but keep the palette the same, or mix up colours but not pattern.  There are no limits with cushions if you are brave, but its not for the faint-hearted!
  • Add plenty of plants to this space, not only do they add a welcome pop of green they also cleanse the air.  Take a look here to learn about a few favourites at my little house.
  • Do have a coffee table, too many times I am faced with nowhere to put a cup or glass in peoples homes and it makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • Coffee tables are perfect for displaying things you love, take a look over here for a few ideas
  • Add in a rug to define the space; take a look over here to learn more about the power of the rug.
  • Choose art that you love in this space be it bright or monochrome.  A gallery wall is a great idea especially if you have childrens art that you can frame up and dot in between other prints or photos that you love.
  • Keep a stack of magazines or books with short stories handy; it will encourage you to sit and take a wee break while drinking your coffee instead of having it on the go.   String Shelving will give you a very lightweight storage area and you can even incorporate a small study desk into the configuration.
  • Make sure your lighting is adequate for the purpose of the space, if you don’t have enough task lighting add in a lamp.
  • Before you leave the house in the morning, tidy the room.  The way it looks when you return in the evening will set the tone of your night.  The tidier your space is to start with the easier it is to keep tidy and promote tidiness in your children.

Feeling inspired?  Next week The Bedroom.

Photography and Styling by My Little House

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